Stealing Love

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It is an age old question and issue that has circulated relationships as long as it has been in inception.


Can someone honestly steal another’s significant other?


Is it literally plausible to abduct, plunder or strip someone from their existing relationship with their beloved? After all, the very definition of stealing is “to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force” ( However, a person in love cannot be so willfully taken.

Love, well true love, isn’t as fickle as everyone believes it to be. It is solidified by an unbreakable bond that surpasses all external influences including even the deepest, most irresistible seduction. …Because a person who conducts themselves and those around them with the utmost respect would never be susceptible to such actions and manipulation.

Those that entertain the idea of another’s attention while being in a committed relationship has more than just wandering eyes. A very dangerous feat. The thing is, love cannot be stolen. It can only influenced.

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What happens so often is that one half of the relationship is typically quite insecure in which prompts them to open doors for opportunities. This is usually derived from wanting additional attention and a surge of ego boost, regardless of its delivery. Because they are not rooted in themselves or at least have acknowledged the fact that they are not willing to settle down with one person, they are easily susceptible to superficial temptation.

One of my best friends wisely explained it like this, think of the 80/20 rule. You are receiving 80% of all these amazing things from your significant other but there is the occasional 20% that is lacking that frustrates you. Knowing our generation, we typically harp on that 20% that’s missing instead of being grateful for that larger lump sum of consistent, continual blessings. So then here comes Mr. Prince Charming or Ms. Perfect that fulfills that 20% we are looking for and sweeps us off our feet…only to find out that, that’s all they have to offer. That 20% is all they can bring to the table and the 80% we use to get from our Mr./Ms. Right is now gone. They took it right along with them when they walked out the door.

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The grass is never greener on the other side, which is the biggest contributing factor to willfully distracted eyes in relationships.


It’s not a matter of another person stealing your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, or your wife. Heck, not even a friend. It’s about commitment on both sides and how you conduct yourself. A person with true caliber will not allow for such antics. True respect for another human being comes with adult conversations and straightforward communication of the future of a relationship.


Everyone has the ability to control how they process information and what comes to them via social media and other manipulative information.


A person who is truly looking to take care of a relationship will mitigate the margin of error and potential risks that could involve a breakup. Now I’m not saying that you or your significant other need to be secluded and completely closed off from society. You don’t have to be a hermit. However, it is wise to be weary of your interactions. After all, there is no such thing as stealing love. You cannot physically steal something that you gave someone wholeheartedly that neither can be grasped nor forcefully taken. Love is not tangible but an abstract emotion that transcends time. I mean think about it, someone can force you to say “I love you” but you won’t mean it.

So, to answer that burning question of how someone could have stolen your significant other. The answer is simple.

Nobody did.

Love can never be stolen. It can only be influenced, retracted, and freely given to someone else.


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