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My #squadgoals are not your typical SG


With social media as the forefront of communication and source of inspiration, we have become accustomed to a very curated glimpse into the hollywood lifestyle of celebrities, elite rich kids, and gorgeous Instagram high rollers. Their envious lives setting a high bar to what we feel we should aspire to attain. The very notion of separating work and personal privacy suddenly on the verge of being obsolete and a new wave of self-promotion now ubiquitous. Public figures and social media entrepreneurs that cross between groups and relentlessly show off a very desirable behind-the-scenes snapshots of their exciting lives, now work together to promote each other’s brand, creating a “social media” camaraderie. Their Instagram feeds perfectly curated with pictures taken at just the right lighting and angle, snapchat videos that exude what the popular kids are doing after hours, and Facebook updates that make the average person green with envy and question their social and life choices. From Taylor Swift’s reposted and memed squad to a throwback of the original brat pack, we have developed a certain benchmark for what the ideal #squadgoals are (ones that typically include a group of perfect pretty bombshells and a slew of Lamborghinis with the perfect filter).

These ideal group of friends are not necessarily a bad one, but there are other groups that aren’t gloated and incessantly idolized in pop culture that are better examples for aspirations.

Despite the rich kids, celebrities, and reality stars’ way of lives that drive motivation for materialistic trophies, fame and a heart palpitating lifestyle, other men and women who appreciate privacy are some of the most successful, humble, hard working, and elite group of people that should be looked to for #squadgoals.

I suppose it’s a bit hard to find them in their group element since they avoid excessive exposure, but their success speaks volumes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a Taylor Swift fan and an even bigger Beyonce fan with their insane success and accomplishments, but I seem to have a pension for a different kind of “celebrity” per say. Not to get confused, I believe women like T. Swift, Mrs. Carter, and Gigi Hadid have marked their place in pop culture history, but these people I’m about to mention are on a whole different level in not only their careers, but their philanthropic work and approach to conducting themselves.

These few I’m about to mention are industry tycoons with innovative approaches to their businesses and strategic developments. They aren’t afraid of taking large risks to achieve their goals. Now despite their sometimes crude business methods–away from work, they are far from conducting characteristics of hubris. Instead they are generous philanthropists. Not only do they live in the upper echelon of society, they have literally cemented themselves in history and continue to give back. Although some of these men and women are often considered “old” or “boring” in their social media activities according to today’s younger generation, their brilliance and intellect overshadow that shallow aspect and exceed society’s expectations of success. And despite barely being in the younger generation’s peripheral, they sure are in my line of sight.


Meet my ideal #squadgoals:


My favorite blonde duo.


Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group) and Sara Blakely (Spanx)


My all time favorite talkshow hosts.


Photo credit: Instagram

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Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres


My two favorite female shark investors.


Lori Greiner (For Your Ease Only, Inc.) and Barbara Corcoran (The Corcoran Group)


My favorite billionaire mentor’s mentors.


Charlie Munger (Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway)


My favorite female asian tycoons and moguls.


Photo credit: Newsweek

Peggy Yu Yu (dangdang.com), Amy Chua (Professor at Yale), Yang Lan (Sun Media Group), Zhang Xin (SOHO China)


Once again, these aforementioned self-made multi-millionare and billionaires are not only hailed for their massive successes in overcoming great obstacles to be in the 1% of the world, but their uncanny ability to change their respective industries and the impacts they continue to make in the community.

  • Sara Blakely revolutionized women’s wear with her product’s genius ability to smooth dresses and keep unwanted fat from flailing in tight dresses,
  • Bill Gates did what everyone thought was impossible in the 80’s and 90’s where he fulfilled his dream of having a computer in every household, and
  • Warren Buffet’s uncanny ability to make the right investment decisions regardless of the health of the economy.

Each and everyone of these people conduct themselves in such a manner that oozes humility and class. They may make a ludicrous amount of money, however, they have never lost sight of their goals. One of the qualities that I admire most with these individuals is that they know their priorities. Just because they have money to spend on luxuries, doesn’t necessarily mean they opt in to do it immediately and flaunt it to the media.

A true and intelligent business owner knows where cash flow should first be invested in.

They definitely play hard but only once they’re in the right position to do so while also maintaining tact and discretion. They’re too busy enjoying their lives and focusing on making their businesses happen that others do the talking for them. To them, organic marketing is better than paid marketing. And they would rather utilize the spotlight for issues that truly matter like improving education, intelligent investment choices, creating charitable foundations that eradicate diseases, and helping other entrepreneurs through mentorship programs. Their legacies will not be measured on how popular they are because of their crazy lifestyles, but contributions to society. They will be known for becoming industry game changers and become textbook references on building true global business empires. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why these select few are my ideal #squadgoals. 

…and I challenge you to do a little research on these individuals, then compare them to what social media consistently considers #squadgoals. From there, take a moment to see if you agree or not. Because I feel like there is a sad shift in what society deems as role models and there needs to be a change.


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