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Women who can enchant a man with her intelligence, capture his heart with her personality, and intoxicate his senses with her perfume without exposing too much skin on the verge of vulgarity will spoil him with not only loyalty and commitment but also something much more than superficial coquetry. A lady who reserves her body for the eyes of only one man knows the meaning of respect and understands the concept of tact. A refined style that exudes sophistication and class is far more aesthetically pleasing than the lightly clad fashion fads that scream desperation for attention.

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Let’s face it, quality men want quality women (and vice versa). Those that spread themselves thin amongst a sea of the opposite sex are hardly one to honor commitment and genuinely advocate for value. Skin is beautiful but overexposure becomes a blatant cry for yearning. Physical attraction is vital in completing a deeper connection to an ever blossoming relationship, but visual aesthetics can only scratch the tip of the iceberg.


True worth of an individual seeps further than shallow reflections.


It’s derived from a woman’s ability to capture a man’s attention through meaningful words that resonate, actions that correlate to their mindset, mutual respect for differing opinions, as well as practice of moral values. Don’t get me wrong, ocular seduction is not a sin nor a forbidden act that will forever tarnish someone as a whore, but when executing such tactics, it must be done with class and acumen. Leaving little to the imagination in this generation, only attracts a pack of horny hyenas, not a king –or at least a true gentleman.

So for those girls who are looking for Mr. Right, don’t brand yourself in a manner that resonates with easy. Instead hold yourself to standards that will attract a man of standards as well, not auctioning yourself up in a way that deems you as a trophy or a one-night-stand. I can guarantee you, if the latter is chosen, you will find a “beta” that’s Mr. Right-Now.

After all, beauty is relative, eyesight is fickle, and beauty is only skin deep.

A man can lust after any woman but true attraction and loyalty is built on enticing the mind and the heart. Conduct yourself with respect and dignity that amplify the traits that are everlasting and your presence will be unforgettable.


With fleeting eyes and capricious emotions, a pretty face and a “banging body” is not enough to keep a man’s coveting of frivolous attention at bay.


In the wise words of Enitan O. Bereola II in his must read Gentlewoman: Etiquette For A Lady, From A Gentleman, “Pretty might open doors, but intellect lets you in—Don’t be stuck outside with your pretty ass…Pretty is what you are, but beauty is what you do with it…You’re a living, breathing manifestation of the most compelling dimension of life. Good looks without intellect is a Bentley with no gas [and] a wallet with no cash…”

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Intellect, humor, and etiquette will always separate you from the one-dimensional hunting pack of trifling females out there. Good looks is only a fraction of what a woman can offer. Don’t be a brainless doll. After all, “solely relying on the use of sexuality as currency is prostitution” (Bereola II).

skin deep

God created men but he constructed women, so hold yourself accountable for getting what you deserve by emphasizing the qualities that define you, not what others brand you.

Women were blessed with beauty and brains and the effortless ability to wear both the pants and the skirt in a relationship. Be versatile. Be regal. Charm him with your intelligence, open his eyes to what character is, teach him about culture, entice his intellectual side with wit and imagination while teasing him with your humor and wisdom. Knowledge and an alluring personality is a far better arsenal in the game of attraction than physical beauty. Beauty is only skin deep. 

With today’s astounding ability to camouflage any physical imperfection with medical surgery, makeup, and photo filters, it will take more than batting pretty falsies to gain the interest of a true gentleman and isolate yourself from the crowd of Instagram perfect girls.  As the immortal queen of fashion blatantly stated, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” (Coco Chanel).



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