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It’s safe to say that there are times in life when it seems happiness or success is farfetched. When the thoughts that circulate our minds begin to reel into negativity and our actions in turn become self-sabotaging. We paint a picture of how things are never going to get better that unconsciously become expectations and we soon find ourselves unwinding down a treacherous road. It’s moments like these that our perseverance need to endure and optimism to be injected back into our lives. When we hit a wall and succumb to the dark thoughts creeping into our minds, we need to consciously make the effort to null the frustration and look at the reason why we started in the first place. There are several ways to keeping motivated during unfortunate and difficult times, but there are key ingredients that allow for it to become successful.



Think positive and be positive. If you have not done so already, read Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. This life changing book will give you insight beyond what you’ve ever expected about the power of your thoughts. In her book, she explains the law of attraction. This essentially equates to the fact that your thoughts and feelings propel what energies and outcomes of certain circumstances befall you. So when you are struggling, always look for the silver lining and recite positive affirmations (especially when you wake up first thing in the morning). These simple gestures attracts positive karma. After all, when you are happy, it’s a lot harder to ruin your mood. However, when you’re upset, your emotions have a higher chance of running rampart and permanent decisions are made on temporary emotions. Not always the best thing. Trust me, I know. So when trying to keep motivated when all hope seems lost, look at the positive side of things. Every hardship is a lesson. Think of it as an opportunity to develop your character and if you decide to write a biography, it will be one hell of a best seller.



Control what you can, stop worrying about what you cannot. It may sound cliche but this is honestly one of the most important things in life. Whether this be keeping motivated or finding ways to change who you are for the better. Control is a powerful tool. Having the ability to control your thoughts and your emotions instantly elevates your ability to become a better human being and having the upper hand in any situation. When you are facing an obstacle, make a deliberate attempt to be disciplined in how you react to a situation. In doing so, you are able to avoid the pitfalls of making rash decisions. Worrying about factors that are outside of your control will only heighten dissatisfaction of a situation and cloud good judgement. Don’t let other variables affect you. Control what you can, which is how you think and how you react. By being cognizant that you are not a puppet of your emotions, your approach and perspective on how to handle situations will be far more superior and efficient. It will cause you motivation to march on gallantly and with vigor. If you ever need additional help in this department, look to John Assaraf and his program, NeuroGym. In short, “NeuroGym applies scientifically-proven methods and technologies for helping people expand their mental and emotional power to reach their fullest potential.” Along side this, read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. His book is pure genius (well all of his books are – I have them listed on the BOOKS page) and delves deep into how the ability of strategically planned actions and thoughts can propel your further in life.

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Be thankful regardless of what stage you are in life. Another powerful tool in battling hardship is being grateful for all that you have. When you focus on all the blessings that you have been bestowed with, it blocks out the thoughts that are wandering to what you don’t posses. Looking at what you already have versus what you don’t have is something that is truly vital in creating a healthy lifestyle and keeping motivated. Being grateful everyday, even for the littlest things, habitually spawns humility. Being thankful also keeps your vision in line and assists in steering clear of two human characteristics that largely affects our path to success: pride and arrogance. So make it a goal to perpetually be grateful for what you have. After all, things could always be worse.

Remember, everything in life is a choice. You are never a victim of your circumstance.


You can either be known as the one that held onto their determination and succeeded or the one that yielded under pressure and surrendered.

Everyone has the ability to move forward from the trenches they have dug themselves. When you end up taking two steps back, make it a habit to take four steps forward. Keeping motivated through the struggles is a challenge that should always be accepted and a chance taken advantage of, to prove your integrity as a person and your work ethic.




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