Books are an escape to realism and a portal to uncharted territories. It has the ability to grant knowledge and reignite one’s imagination. With that being said, here are a few of my favorite books that I have read in recent years that I have continued to reread, recommend, and have made a big impact on my pursuit to be a writer. All these books are constant inspirations for all the topics I write on The Modern Alice. I will continually update this page with new books I come across that I find extremely influential! So please enjoy, review, and leave me any recommendations so I can expand both my home and digital library.

Which by the way, I absolutely love my Kindle so if you are looking for one in lieu of the physical books or an iPad, here are my recommendations available on Amazon!

Now onto the goodies with my books!


Because I am on a fairytale retelling binge to inspire me for my new book, here are some of my current favorites in that category and more.


These next four books are written by my favorite author, Robert Greene.


These following books are a mixture of my favorite business, psychology, finance, autobiography, and motivational books. (The Fashion category will be updated next!)