10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

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10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites


Beautiful Royalty Free Stock Photos For Commercial and Personal Use


When starting a blog or building your website, high-quality images are a must! It’s imperative to have eye-catching visuals to hook your reader’s attention. Strategically placed images also help break up a large body of text to help the reader visualize your message without getting an eye strain. The Modern Alice has curated a list of websites featuring beautiful free stock photos to be used for commercial and personal projects.

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Now the problem that most face is where to find good quality FREE stock photos. What normally happens, and this is something TMA had unfortunately done in the beginning, is that we tend to result to Google to get images that pertain to our blogs or businesses.

This is a definite no no!

Do not fall into the trap of searching images on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing for photos to enhance your blog or website without receiving permission from the owner first. Licenses and copyright are there for a reason! Using photos without permission can be detrimental as you can be slapped with a horrible lawsuit! We have heard several bloggers who were either heavily threatened or actually served a lawsuit to remove photos that they had on their website without consent of the owner.

It is not worth the time and there is a better solution! We have found it for you!

To save you time and money, we have composed the top 10 amazing free stock photos sites that house stunning, high quality images under the Common Creative Zero. This means that you are able to download the photos at no charge for commercial or personal use! These websites provide an array of photos ranging from landscape to portraits to detailed fashion shots. However, we do highly advise to check each of the website’s terms to ensure that the CCO has not changed and to also give attribution as etiquette–meaning give credit no matter what!


Rekita Nicole

10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

Famed graphic/webdesigner and brand stylist, Rekita Nicole, is graciously offering free stock photos on her blog under the Commons Creative Zero with a humble request of giving appropriate attribution for her work. She provides stunning photos focused on product placement, layout, and eye-popping colors perfect for your personal blog and Instagram.



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

Stunning FREE photos taken by Karolina Grabowska that are great for business or personal projects. Kaboompics have amazing high-quality photos from business to detailed fashion shots to city and architecture ones. Free to use but they do request to give credit and any redistribution of photos need permission directly form them.



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

Taken by Viktor Janacek, Picjumbo is another perfect website for budding entrepreneurs, writers, and bloggers looking for high-quality free stock photos for their articles and/or social media accounts. They house incredible images from desktops (like the featured image on this post) to active ones from a woman running up the stairs to delicious food shots. They have an arsenal of pictures from various categories available at your disposal.



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

Made by Crew, this site truly contains breathtaking royalty-free photos meticulously curated for its audience. Unsplash provides jaw dropping landscape pictures that are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero. They also add 10 new beautiful photos every 10 days! Bonus: If you are a photographer, you can also submit your images to them to be featured on their website. 



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

A great website filled with a plethora of high-quality free stock photos uploaded in one location. It boasts beautiful pictures from technology to nature to self-portraits. The images on Pexels can be used for commercial or personal use under the CCO. We here at The Modern Alice is a big user of Pexels photos.



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

A website with beautiful handpicked free stock photos that are truly inspirational and mesmerizing. There is a great selection of images ranging from architecture to food to miscellaneous objects. However, they are known for producing and featuring stunning landscape photos.



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

FoodiesFeed is a website that will get your mouth watering and your stomach growling. They store a multitude of beautiful photos specifically targeting foods from desserts to burgers. Again the photos fall under the Creative Commons Zero so it is available to download for your business or personal use. Advice: Keep a snack handy while going through their galleries!



10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

Similar to Pexels, Pixabay is another fantastic website providing easy to navigate high-quality free stock photos for your creative needs. They have over 660,000 images, vectors, and art illustrations in every category available for the masses. This is a great website for starting bloggers to use as a resource.


Life of Pix

10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

A website by Leeray composed of beautiful curated collection of photographs mainly pertaining to nature and landscape. Like all the other websites, Life of Pix houses free stock photos with no copyright restrictions. They also add new photos every week.


Death to Stock Photos

10 Amazing Free Stock Photos Sites

Contrary to its name, Death to Stock Photos offers “free monthly photos for all your creative needs.” You can sign up for their email list in which they send you hand picked photos directly to your inbox based on your request and preferences. You won’t be disappointed!


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