Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts

Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts

Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts

“Pretty is what opens doors, intellect is what gets you in.”

Working in a corporate office does not mean suppressing your stylish wardrobe. Being fashionable but HR appropriate is something that is definitely doable without being too cookie cutter. Just remember, when you get creative, still abide by the rules (we’ll get to this shortly) while maintaining your sense of flair. Today we’ll take a gander at a popular trend that is Instagram ready and office friendly: sweaters and pencil skirts. It is a perfect combination of chic, comfortable, and class–plus a perfect transition into your fall workwear wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at the quick Do’s and Don’ts of work wear sweaters and pencil skirts.

Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts
Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts


When it comes to the don’ts it’s easy to see that sheer fabric and an ill fit is definitely a no-no. If you want a little bit of skin, do so tactfully. The secret to making anything look sophisticated and expensive is editing and tailoring. When something fits you like a glove with the right amount of finishes, embellishments, or height of slit, the quality is instantly upgraded tenfold. Also, remember that the office is a place you want to showcase your talents, industry knowledge, and necessary skill sets that get you recognized and move up the corporate ladder. It is not a catwalk or a place to wear skimpy outfits to attract unwanted attention.


It’s not hard to know that good quality fabric along with basics and a neutral color palette is a major do. Whether it’s a pencil skirt or a work appropriate sweater, going with a good cotton, wool, or cashmere fabric is always approved. Now you don’t have to splurge on every single piece in your wardrobe, but it’s essential to invest in your go-to’s. (See Investment Pieces Guide). When you’re adding your own touch in your daily work wardrobe, don’t be afraid to play with a pop of color or substitute your normal cotton pencil skirt with a burgundy leather one and that typical knit sweater with a cashmere! Just make sure you follow the care instructions to make it last longer.

Let’s take a quick glance at three different looks that further exemplify the versatility of the pencil skirt and sweater combination:

{ Look 1 }


Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts


Why this look works.

  • Monochromatic palette
  • Black always compliments
  • A touch of lace
  • Classic pumps
  • Well tailored
  • Turtleneck

Here’s a perfect example of an upgrade to the traditional look. Go with a monochromatic look but add subtle touches of romance and feminine grace.

{ Look 2 }


Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts

  • A bold color with neutrals
  • Minimal accessories
  • An unprecedented slit (but appropriate)
  • Classic pumps
  • Well tailored
  • Good quality fabric

Here’s another perfect example of a work wear inspiration derived from a pencil skirt and a sweater. Pair a neutral with a pop of color to make the look your own while adding an element of surprise (the slit in the middle).

{ Look 3 }


Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts

  • Asymmetrical pattern
  • A sexy but classy zipper slit
  • An unconventional fabric
  • Pair with flats
  • Well tailored
  • Tucked in appropriately

If you want a little more edge, Alexa Chung shows you how to do this look without being overbearing. A bit of skin but balanced with the crewneck sweater in white and black. The overall look is stylish without being distracting.


Work Wear Inspiration: Sweaters & Pencil Skirts

Note about off the shoulder at work: When it comes to showing a little shoulder, make sure the sweater isn’t too oversized that tiptoes on showing too much cleavage. You want to make it seem as if it was accidental and not deliberate.



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