Too Often We Aren’t Ourselves

too often
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We are all guilty of too often over complicating and over thinking things.

Too often impulsive and overzealous.

Too often assuming and judgmental.

And too often too doubtful of our own worth and capabilities.

We are all hypocrites and pessimists.

In essence, we’re all just human.

We revel in our emotions and make mistakes.

But with mistakes comes maturity and experience. 

And the innate ability to change.

If you don’t like where you’re at, take a step forward. 

We are not monoliths.

We were blessed with two eyes to see our path, two hands to hold the map, two feet to push forward, a mind to navigate, and a heart to keep strong.

We were given the gift of intellect, the will to persevere, and the body to put into action what our minds dared to dream.

God blessed us with all the talents we need to achieve our goals, we just need to exploit them.

Getting what we want is simple, attaining it though is not easy.

We have all the resources at our disposal but the lack of drive to execute our plans becomes our Achilles heel and hinders us.

But be diligent and courageous in your pursuit.

Sacrifice never goes without reward. 

So be positive, think positive, act positive, and the universe will manifest positive outcomes; for the greatest weapon we wield, is the ability to guard our thoughts from evil.

Remember, never take the easy way out and keep being persistent.

If you’re going to fall, fall forward.

And if you’re going to take two steps back, make sure to take six steps forward.

Because we’re moving straight, not in circles.

We don’t start to end up right back where we started.

We start so that we can move forward and propel ourselves.

But sometimes we too often dream.

Too often we stay as dreamers in a waking world.

And too often we get stuck in the waiting list of becoming successful.

But this time, we wake up and pave our own paths.

Because this time, we are too often preoccupied in building our empire.

Today we become lions instead of lambs.

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Wolves instead of sheep.

Too often we aren’t ourselves and get tangled in today’s web of shallow expectations.

Another passing figure waiting for a chance to bloom.

But not anymore.

Here, right now, we become doers, leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, & legacies.

too often


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