The Red Hooded Queen & The Wolf With Golden Eyes, Part I



a young lady found herself lost in an enchanted forest. A forest where creatures unknown sprung from the shadows with blood-red eyes and bone-white fangs. Where little girls and young women with deep red hoods and tightly weaved baskets full of cake and wine never ventured for they would be eaten by the the shadows of the forest. And yet despite the warnings of the village, one girl dared to saunter into the woods. Her scarlet figure disappearing into the horizon as whispered horrors awaited her. Or so it would seem.

One by one, red pointed nails drummed softly on the black wooden carved table sitting divinely still in a vast room filled with tattered books and nearly empty shelves that lined each wall from floor to ceiling. A young raven-haired woman held captive in the ghostly mansion, sat on a grand absolom roche chair upholstered in rich, black velvet and finished in gold leaf lacquer at the head of the table. “What the hell am I doing here waiting? I should really try to escape this…this predicament…” the young woman thought out loud as her long slender legs crossed one over the other and absentmindedly straightened her back in tense anticipation and annoyance. A vexed look crossed her lovely features as her perfectly arched eyebrows furrowed and her ruby lips perched while she waited impatiently for the wolf with golden eyes.


“If you’re going to lock me in this damned room beast, you could have at least left me with something to kill time,” she sighed aloud to no one in particular as the dusk settled into the glum winter sky. A cool breeze entered a small opening in the large courtyard window to her left overlooking the peculiar garden that was blanketed in crisp white snow with a few visible roses peeking out dripped in a gradient of black and red.

I must have gone off the edge to think that a talking wolf who owns a cursed manor would be oh-so-accomodating. It has to be the cake and that damned wine. Their was magic in it. I know it.

To distract the agitation seeping through her attempt at patience and from her sanity slipping into oblivion, the young woman wrapped in a red hooded coat unconsciously fingered the single book in tact that lay listless on the intricately decorated table. It was truly a fine piece of furniture with angels carved on each leg, hunched over as if stilled to hold the table up in a grand noble manner. With another exasperated sigh escaping her lips, her ruby colored eyes scanned the beautifully written book on the table. Pitch black ink occupied the stained parchment with words elegantly stretched across the page in absolute precision. It was no ordinary handwriting. A nobleman I’m sure of it.

Atone for each sin
With the price to pay
And you will win
To see the light of day..

A shifting of paper against a binding echoed in the vast manor.

1. Lust is the sin you pay and for the price I say..
leave the heart at the garden’s watch.

On the brink of turning another page, a terrifying howl reverberated throughout the mansion. Caught off guard with a jerk and a shriek that followed, the young woman accidentally ripped the top page off the binding.



Before the wolf with golden eyes could notice the change, the young woman slammed the leather bound book shut and sunk down on the black velvet chair she occupied and kept her hands folded and planted on her thighs.


The golden curved handle on one of the massive double doors turned slowly and a large black paw stepped in. Suddenly the air felt thick and cold. Suffocating. A petrifying silence hung in the room and soon a large black wolf—a beast—entered the rest of its body into the room. A cloud of smoke puffed from it’s snarling mouth as the room froze before its master.

Eyes casted down in fear, every hair on the young woman’s body rose as she heard a deep, demanding growl before her.

“Scarlet Hood…”

Then ruby met gold.