Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

sticks and stones

Despite the old adage relinquishing the concept that words do not actually have detrimental long term effects on an individual, it is actually quite the opposite. In truth, harmful remarks and cruel insults are the bane to an individual’s confidence. Words meant to break someone down (temporary or not) is forever haunting and can be a catalyst to negative actions, whether it be an eating disorder, a drug addiction, and/or excessive self-deprecation. Degrading words are not mere hollow remarks that can be written off, regardless of who is directing them. Words carry a very heavy weight that can anchor someone down indefinitely and so it is extremely important to be careful of what we say to others.

It is unfortunate, but true, that in reality we are more apt to remembering the negative banter thrown at us than any positive reinforcements or genuine compliments given. Some may disagree to this concept but let’s be honest. When ninety-nine people tell you that you are exceptionally stunning, but one person—especially someone whose opinion you value—disagrees and declares that your image is appalling—is ugly—then all of a sudden, only that last remark is what imbeds itself in your brain. Despite the array of praises, that one negative comment leeches itself onto your mind. Some may argue with this statement, but the majority will agree. So be leery of the words that escape your lips. People’s minds and hearts are fickle so be cautious of the mental fragility of those around you, especially those closest to you.

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Words are not hallow but cumbersome. Their power is often underestimated, but mere, shallow whispers can affect even the most ruthless.

So remember, sticks and stones…

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