Not All That Glitters is Gold

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Social media has become the mainstream medium for parading a lifestyle that is anything but what actually occurs in reality. It’s the ultimate magic wand for a temporary facade of opulent extravaganzas that hardly lives up to the still images’ hype. Some may fall into the exceptions category, but for the masses, it’s the norm. 

Social media, after all, is merely the largest smoke and mirrors ploy for the majority looking for temporary highs based on strangers’ like and approval. –Where people get a sense of rush from onlookers living vicariously through their brief moments of fun, no matter how brief they are.

Hashtags filled with exaggeration (#partylife #fabuluxe #cantsitwithus #carpediem #wecrazy #yolo), all but boast a captured moment that barely holds any true value or weight to the smile behind the camera.

Despite the seemingly celebrity-like-status Instagram photos, Twitter posts, ten-second Snapchat, or Facebook updates; the stories behind the perfectly filtered picture is far less appealing. Albeit the fantasy presented; the liquor, the short dresses, the smiles, the six-inch heels, VIP booths, yacht-trips, and expensive make-up, all typically hide an emptiness that is longing to be filled.

There are times when the celebratory champagne and laughter are in the most genuine and truest forms of enjoyment, but the overt repetition of such actions purposefully advertised to the public becomes a front for the pain and hurt some suffer internally. 

The over exposure, the craving of the limelight, the reassurance of likes and comments pouring in from both friends, families, and strangers (even creepers) alike become a necessity to self-worth and value. It becomes a false sense of validation to the importance of our online identity that has become a prominent extension of who we are and our brand image. The unfortunate phenomenon encourages our generation to curate our lives and devoid ourselves of transparency and candidness.

It has manifested into morphing our society to be completely connected while simultaneously being isolated.

In other words, no one really knows the real you anymore. We get lost trying to impress people we don’t like and people we don’t even know just for a higher like count.

We feel as though social media platforms have become a dysfunctional, modern day version of the mirror on the wall…and when we ask “mirror mirror, who is the fairest of them all?” we’re asking our followers to answer the question by posting comments and liking our posts, and we purposefully post that 99th picture of the 100 selfies taken at the perfect angle in the perfect lighting with the perfect filter to ensure that we are the fairest of them all.

Not All That Glitters is Gold

Controlling how the world perceives us through our iPhone or android apps provide us with an inaccurate barometer of a successful and meaningful life. We have become accustomed to a superficial litmus test of whether or not we pass as an interesting individual with the abundance of a lavish and almost vulgar lifestyle. Because an unattainable and ludicrous fantasy fit for only the elite is far more fascinating to watch in this generation than the mundane lifestyle of someone who prides themselves in living a life devoid of any drama and extravagances.

The group photo with shots in hand, the player with women surrounding him, or the stud flashing his new Bentley only propels our secret envy but all the while longing to emanate the charisma practically seeping through the screen and our wish to replicate the very image.

After all who doesn’t like a good time?

However, despite the perfectly captured moment, what the audience is not aware of is the alcohol poisoning after the party, the heartbroken man who lost the love of his life, or the young star who’s filling a void because only materialistic luxuries can temporarily fix what his heart is missing.

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So the next time an image comes across that conjures up vile emotions, remember that not all that glitters is gold. The reason for that ostentatious photo can potentially be a result of a devastating event that an enhanced good time has been utilized to cover up the pain.

A modern-day cloak to hide the unpleasantries.

Or if it stems from a genuine celebration to an accomplishment, the backstory to get into that specific moment may have taken perseverance that consisted of many sacrifices not many are willing to take.

Not All That Glitters is Gold

It may appear like a yellow brick road, but even so, Dorothy had difficulties she had to face before she reached the wizard to have her wish granted.

Not everything is what is seems and despite the fact that the wildest experiences make for the best stories, the funnest moments can lead you down a primrose path.

If you truly exemplified an affluent and luxurious lifestyle, privacy would be the utmost priority. Not only that, but you would be too busy reveling in the moment to be sharing and updating your status constantly. In layman terms, if you really were all about that life, you’d be too busy living it, not flaunting it on every social media outlet there is. After all, who has time to Snapchat themselves jet skiing or skydiving? I mean, your eyes are glued to the screen than to the scenery. And trust me, I can guarantee that the experience and thrill of the moment is far more rewarding than the temporary flattery of a stranger you could care less about, liking your post in regards to the picture of the jet ski you didn’t get to ride because you were too busy taking a picture of it.

As Shakespeare once said,

“Coins always make noise, but paper money is always silent. So when your value increases keep yourself silent and humble.”

Because let’s face it, the truth is, the louder you are, the more desperate for attention you look like. (Especially when you have a reputation) And the more outlandish the post, the less the credibility.


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