There are days when we are completely wrapped up in the high of the moment, the whirlwind of good news, and the rise to success that momentarily enable us to completely forget the heartbreak that once plagued our minds. A distant memory buried deep within our subconscious and for a moment we are gifted with a blissful feeling of peace. Then, in the middle of the night (half passed eleven working on a blog post, mind slowly descending into a reminiscent mood to be exact), as all the hype quiets and time seems to stand still, a slow somber wave of emotion creeps into our mended hearts. A melancholic feeling that something is missing. That somehow, all the accomplishments attained are lacking a deeper satisfaction—satisfaction to share with someone who you thought would be there to revel in the good consequences of your hustle and sacrifices. But as reality sets in, we realize that our drifted thoughts are mere bouts of missing someone who once was a constant in our life and that memories, will only stay as that…memories. Despite the longing feeling, however, we find ourselves content. Not a drop of nefarious desire gleaming in our eyes or vindictive behavior flowing through our veins. Just a slight feeling of emptiness.

[ But only for a fleeting moment. ]


As the popular adage goes, just because you miss someone doesn’t mean you still want to be with them. Truth. The desire to feel their presence, to share the good feeling of accomplishing each goal, their physical touch, the butterflies when they look at you that way, and the whispers of sweet nothings are merely stages of truly getting over a heartbreak. And if not that, it is simply just the thought of being with another person that your heart is longing for, not that person in particular that crossed your mind. Just the actual idea of being in an intimate relationship with someone both physically, mentally, and spiritually. The acknowledgement of these emotions do not verify weakness or a slip in one’s resolve, but instead a validation to humanity. After all, when we miss someone, it’s not an act of incurable desire. Just a temporary solicitation of a memory that once was lost and now attempting to weave its way back into the present.

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And like an unwelcomed cold on a beautiful summer vacation, we only need a quick fix medicine and a good nap to wake up to a fresh feeling of symptom free lovesickness. So in essence, the solution is to recognize the situation, admit the feeling of actually missing that person but knowing that it is nothing more than that, and taking a well deserved nap to sleep off the memories that are trying to resurface. Because resting your mind and resting your body is a proven prescription to reset. Remember, the next time a sudden wave of retrospective longing for an old flame emerges, it is only a small flicker trying to rekindle and ignite a fire that long ago dissipated. A momentary lapse in time that can easily be overcome.