Main Chick


Main Chick

Main Chick:

The wife or girlfriend of a man. 

“I love my main chick, the other chicks are just hoes.”

Urban Dictionary

It boggles my mind that women today are either content or even, at times, proud to be labeled as a guy’s “main chick” (hence, the verbiage guy and not man ­- yes that was deliberate). There is nothing noble about being known as a guy’s main chick nor should it satisfy any good woman for that matter.

A main chick is technically a side chick with public leverage.

It’s the same concept as an AAA grade knock-off (which is the highest quality of a designer replica). It doesn’t matter if your fake Chanel bag is almost impossible to distinguish from the original, it’s still a fake. Even though you’re the main chick, he still doesn’t value you enough to fully give his attention or invest himself 100% to make you the one. Even if you’re number one, you’re still just a number. As my good friend, Helen, put it, it doesn’t matter if you’re first in the queue, fact is you’re still in a queue. A name in a list.

When a guy refers to you nonchalantly as a main chick, it’s an obvious suggestion that there is most likely a side chick (or two) in the picture. A man would not refer to his woman that he loves or cares for deeply as a “main chick” but as his lady, his queen, or his significant other (terminologies that respect the opposite sex, not a derogatory claim such as main chick or even main bitch).

There is an alarming and extremely disturbing phenomena in this generation where women almost brag to other women about being the “main chick” or upgrading to that status. That it doesn’t matter whether or not her guy spends intimate time with another woman so long as he comes back to her at the end of the day. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is definite praise for a woman who is confident in herself enough that she doesn’t bother with any envious emotions when her man is in the presence of another woman (which is how it should be, dear Modern Alices!); but I’m talking about disrespectful dalliance in the sense of crossing boundaries beyond your usual harmless flirtation. …And yes, as John Ross in Dallas said, “Flirtin’ ain’t cheating sweetheart.” However, devious intentions behind that casual coquetry that ultimately leads to a physical affair is.

Now don’t mistake my point for spite or insecurity. A woman should trust her man and be comfortable enough with their relationship that he should be able to spend time with other women. Men are allowed to have several friends that are the opposite sex too. Not all girls are scandalous. There are still ladies amongst us. If he has to deal with you hanging out with your male friends, then you have to do the same with his female friends. That ordinance should be reciprocated and not an unrequited rule. Unfortunately, what I’m referring to is when women are fully aware that there is another female in the picture that has devious intentions. Not only that, but both parties entertain that concept; the girlfriend then deludes herself into believing that, that is okay as long as she’s ultimately the one her boyfriend goes back to or publicly shows affection for. (It’s not!) It’s become a dysfunctional term that’s allowed today’s society to practically justify infidelity. It’s not an acceptable hall pass for people to sleep around.

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Dating is one thing, but being in a serious relationship and validating his actions by reasoning, “but you’re my main chick” is ludicrous.

In short, it’s plain stupid. So ladies, please don’t. Do not entertain this indignant behavior. It’s distasteful. It’s embarrassing. Never allow this to happen to you. As for those men who are in the same boat, don’t settle for being the “main man.” Be her king, not a squire.

Regrettably, in the famous words of Voltair, “Common sense is not so common.” 


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