Lethal Beauty

Lethal Beauty
What is it that some women seem to possess and emanate that so effortlessly lure men to them? Is it their striking features? Their witty sense of humor? Is it their perfectly proportionate modelesque bodies? Even maybe their girlish charm and designer ensembles that propel our envious desires? –Or could it be something more elusive than the superficial aesthetics that capture our eyes when we first examine them? Could it even be all of the above or nothing at all? What exactly is their secret?

In all honesty, each example aforementioned is a dead ringer for a woman deemed as a hot commodity (not in a literal property sense of the word but more metaphorically speaking). Women with stunning looks definitely turn heads and those with supermodel bodies have a guaranteed ticket to securing both wanted and unwanted attention. Albeit the cliché, don’t judge a book by its cover mantra, it’s impossible to avoid being immediately drawn to a person’s physical exterior you deem as the very definition of beauty. However, physical beauty is not eternal.

Although being beautiful on the outside has its undoubted perks, personality and intellect can outweigh the physical appearance. Even be argued as the ultimate form of seduction. After all, beauty is only skin deep.

When a woman is unapologetic about her empowered confidence and radiates a genuine sense of respect and appreciation for herself, it’s appealingly noticeable. Dignity…intellect is the epitome of natural aphrodisiac. It’s contagious and sexy. Now I’m not talking about the overconfident diva who acts superior to everyone because she knows she looks good and has the funds and material luxuries as evidence, but the woman that knows her worth and is not overbearing about it. She knows what she’s capable of and exploits both her beauty, charm, and intelligence at the appropriate times. She’s well balanced and is very aware of what she has to offer both intellectually and sexually.

The secret to the women that lures men so effortlessly is her ability to believe in herself.

When you are unaffected by what other gossipers think of you and become apathetic to any derogatory comments geared towards you out of spite or jealousy, you take the upper hand. Although men have an innate desire to protect women, the shift in societal status has changed that mentality. Men find it extremely alluring and captivating to see a woman who can hold her own. (Not outshine him, as we know men and their egos, but to have a backbone). A woman that does not need validation from anyone is a prize a man would like to win as it strokes the competitive side in him and ultimately his ego if he gets her. However, a woman who chases a man, a man in turn runs from.

As Enitan O. Bereola II wrote in his book, Gentlewoman, “Rule 1: A woman who knows her worth is a damn powerful woman.” And as we have seen in history, men fought battles but women waged wars. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. After all, a man can’t convince himself to love you if you can’t love yourself. Men want women they can walk with, not walk on. It’s mentally and physically exhausting having to continually prove to someone that they are worth it because they lack self-confidence and relentlessly allow their insecurities to consume them. No man or woman wants to do that on a daily basis. Instead, we gravitate to those who emit a glow of confidence and having the ability to have a deeper connection than just the artificial mundane frivolities. Believing you are beautiful both inside and out makes those around you believe you are beautiful as well. If you believe it enough and start acting like it, people around you will too.

And as Robert Greene delineates in his book, The Art of Seduction, “[Cleopatra”s] seductive power, however, did not lie in her looks—indeed many among the women of Alexandria were considered more beautiful than she. What she did have above all other women was the ability to distract a man” (p. 8). In his book, Greene further depicts how the infamous seductress manipulates her resources to capture Caesar’s and Antony’s affections, two of the most powerful and intelligent men of their time. Using what she had access to and playing upon their deepest desires, she ultimately entrapped them with her wit and theatricalities. Despite her lack of political power she knew what she could offer and used that to her advantage.

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Know your worth, and they will too.


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