Jumpsuit Apparatus

Four thirty-three and you’ve decided with your girls that the coordinated outfits would be cropped tops with pencils skirts. Yet as seven-forty five rolls around, hair perfectly waved and makeup halfway done (those eyebrows taking half an hour at least), a pile of clothes lay haphazardly strewn about your room. You sit there staring at your best imitation of a Jackson Pollock painting substituted by garments of different colors and slew of fabrics.  And as you contemplate between the comfort of pants or leather leggings with those new strappy heels you just bought, you detest the idea of going through anymore tops to find the perfect match. What’s a poor Alice to do?

Then as the “maybe-I-just-won’t-go” bug starts to creep into your thoughts, your eyes catch a glimpse of the jumpsuit you bought on sale that’s been stacked away at the back end of your closet for two weeks. After debating for another five seconds whether or not you should stray away from the dress code just this once, you sighed and shrugged your shoulders, throwing caution to the wind as you’ve spent enough time calculating which outfit to wear for the evening and decided to pull it out and try the jumpsuit anyway. Satisfying the desire to wear something comfortable yet sheek, you finally make the decision to wear that fitted cigarette pant jumpsuit with a deep-v neckline to accentuate not only your curves but décolletage as well, despite what your girlfriends would say. Hey who actually keeps to the dress code anyways. Girls are notorious for last minute changes–it’s within our nature.

But if you’re ever in a pinch on what to wear, the jumpsuit is always a guaranteed perfect fit. Whether it’s on the red carpet, a runway, a wedding, or just a night out in town, the jumpsuit will never fail as the perfect outfit. From casual to seductive, this ensemble can go from day-to-evening easily and is always a staple in a Modern Alice’s closet.

Just checkout our favorite jumpsuit looks and colors! From Runway to the Walkway, put your own spin on these inspirations. 

PF15RNWY - Jumpsuits

StreetStyle - Jumpsuits

Convinced? Perfect.

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