Integrity of A Person

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A wise man told me that it’s not the luxuries a man has attained that makes him great, but it’s his integrity as a person. It does not matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. The physical riches we leave behind mean nothing, but the impact and lessons we leave others have a profound significance in their lives and society. The integrity of a person is not measured by his wealth nor his physical accomplishments, but in his daily actions and behaviors when faced with adversity. His character as a human being does more for him than any status that can be attributed to his name ever will. Being a good person is not just an image, but a lifestyle. Something that is far more difficult than others believe. It’s doing the right things the right way ALL the time whether someone is paying attention or not. The integrity of a person is not implemented to please others, but something that is done internally. To prove to oneself and to be proud of the type of person that they are, regardless of what cards they are dealt with. It’s the ability to make moral and sound judgements when the most lucrative option is to retaliate, be vindictive, sinister, or deceitful to gain advantage in a situation. Not only that, but holding oneself to high standards and consistently upholding those standards with truth and righteousness. 

Integrity, after all, is not an elusive concept but indicative of one’s adherence to moral and ethical principles. A person’s ability to be honest with themselves and to others and be genuine in their actions is something that is scarce amongst this generation. A true rarity and treasure where entitlement and hidden intentions are all but ubiquitous (when you find someone who embodies what integrity is, never let them go). It’s not to say that there are unblemished people in the world, but dishonesty and facades in a generation that’s adapted to a social media masquerade is far too common. And being sincere, having authenticity, and conviction is a benchmark that needs to be reintroduced and reiterated. Qualities that need once again be brought to limelight and become expectations, non-negotiables. There is one too many smoke and mirrors being accepted. While a life filled with mirages is temporarily satisfying and the perfect shade to hide the unpleasantries others would like to avoid facing, every cup brimming with poison tends to spill over when its host can no longer function from its toxicity. So when the goal in life is to live a wealthy and prosperous one, live one that is devoid of corruption, fraud, and duplicity. Substitute hypocrisy with integrity. Being candid and ethical will bring more substance and prosperity in one’s life. It will also solidify your credibility as a person and bring you good fortune.

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Trust me, the integrity of a person far outweighs their reputation.

Integrity of A Person
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Prize authenticity and integrity over prominence and prestige. Favorable attributes are influenced by example, not by rank. So when you go about your day today, ask yourself, what kind of person are you… Are you a person of integrity? Do want to be? Because it’s never too late to start to become one. You are never too old and it’s never too late to start a good change.


Integrity of A Person
Integrity of A Person


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