Drunken Blunders

Drunken Blunders

After a myriad of experiences involving embarrassing drunken bloopers dealt from high school days to college and even now post graduate Saturday nights, one would think that we, as intelligent women, would be more apt to controlling our actions in such rambunctiously frenzied situations. However, it seems that despite all resolve in the beginning of what is suppose to be an eventful evening, one subject—person really—induces our explicitly impulsive outbursts. It’s not to say that this person has outwardly done anything to invoke anger (although sometimes we have our suspicions that this individual purposefully gets under our skin) but even the very mention of their name can cause the submission to erratic behavior when alcohol is involved.

It seems a bit unprecedented and quite outlandish, even exaggerated, but we know that there are a multitude of ladies (even gentlemen) who have experienced such passionate feelings for an individual that makes them succumb to irrational improprieties (sober or not). In which a fun filled night with your girls (or guys) turns into a dramatic turn of events from the very sight or mention of an individual. And as alcohol is infused into your system, the lower your tolerance is to forgetting that person. It’s like a double edged sword.

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Drunken Blunders

So how exactly do you avoid becoming the drunk-reminiscant-I’m-on-my-ex-and-won’t-stop-crying-friend when you go out for a night of fun drinking?

Simple. DO NOT DRINK!!!

But if you happen to sip on that unholy grail filled with your choice of poison, consider these steps to lessen the probability of embarrassment.

  1. Download the DRUNK MODE App for your phone
    This ingenious app, available for both iPhone and Android users, prevents you from contacting your ex once the alcohol has cemented itself in your system. The app hides your contacts for a selected duration of time anywhere from three to twelve hours. Thus, allowing you the peace of mind that even if you had your phone, you will not have access to his/her number. Bullet dodged.
  2. Avoid Mutually Frequented Hotspots
    It’s a guarantee that you will run into your ex on a night out you’re trying to forget about them and just have fun with your friends. The chances are amplified, of course, when you decide to venture into a bar or club that you know he/she frequently makes an appearance at. Do not give into temptation. Suggest a different place (so long as it’s not someone’s birthday. Then hold your tongue and brave it out—if you end up seeing him/her, turn the other way. You’re there for your friend. No one else).
  3. Watch Your Alcohol Intake
    A good buzz is enough for a good time. Being fully intoxicated to the point of incomprehensible conversation and staggering stature is not. Sometimes we all feel the need to be outrageously entertaining and believe that taking as many shots as we can will accomplish that feat, but in truth, it’s quite the opposite. We become vexingly impulsive in the things we say and do. So if you know that, that eighth shot is your limit after consuming two double shot cranberry vodkas, order water next time. Not only will it help you avoid any drunken blunders, but help with that hangover the morning after. You’ll thank yourself the next day. Trust me.

So come next Saturday, take a gander towards the mature side—or if you can’t help digging that six feet deep hole, remember these vital bullet proof advice. Because let’s face it, you don’t want a throwback Thursday or a Flashback Friday due to a Shit-Faced Saturday…do you? No, absolutely not. Instead, opt for a fun night filled with laughter and devoid of any drama.

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