Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

To be perfectly honest, Valentine’s Day was never a favorite amongst TMA girls. It’s not that there is any hidden animosity for the most “mushy” day of the year. Not at all. On the contrary, we believe that you should always profess your love every day. No, nothing obnoxious to the point of irritation, but we shouldn’t save showing our appreciation to our significant other to only one day of the year. Valentine’s day should be an extension of all the days you show your love.

Don’t wait for the last minute rounding up flowers and a candlelit dinner from a famous restaurant to celebrate a day whose mascot is a child in diapers with a bow and arrow (no offense Cupid, we love you!).

Allow this day to be an opportunity instead to show your sentimental side. Don’t let it be the typical teddy bears, flowers, and a card with a typical love quote written inside. Although I’m sure the “Hallmark Holliday” label on February 14th is fitting.

Do something creative, something meaningful. Something that SHOWS you care and you pay attention.

After all, more often than not, we attribute someone caring to their ability to pay close attention to the littlest things. We blush when someone remembers our favorite dish and attempt to make it themselves or our favorite author and they go out of their way to buy an entire collection of books from them.

So here’s what we thought you might want to try for Valentine’s Day this year.


Here are a few DIY ideas that are meaningful and prove your love.


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Creating an I LOVE YOU jar is a super fun and incredibly sweet homemade Valentine’s Day present for your significant other. It gives you the ability to get creative about the deep and quirky things that make you head-over-heels for your partner.

To take it up a notch and stand out from the norm, categorize your little love notes and make a total of 365. This allows them to pull one out of the jar every single day. Use different colored paper (or cut up sticky notes) to color code.

Red – intimate moments

Blue – date night memories

Green – every time you made me laugh

Yellow – dreams together

Put your own spin and handwrite each single note. The mere action of writing it yourself will not go unnoticed and means more than you’ll realize.



Valentine's Day Gift IdeasPhoto Credit: The Dating Divas

As an avid Pinterest browser, we couldn’t help but include this intriguing Valentine’s Day DIY gift idea for your special person. Creative, sensual and definitely something that will peak their interest. Most men are quite hard to shop for anyway, but there is, undoubtedly, something else they will never tire of.

Get ready to channel your inner Christian Gray and perhaps Anastasia Steele.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Buy 5 black boxes and label each separately with the 5 senses: see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.
  2. Fill each box with items of his favorite things that correlate to the 5 senses; better yet, include things that have sensual connotations and plan accordingly to a Valentine’s night in. It is a day for romance after all. Here are a few ideas:
    • See – make it fun and put a naughty card game like an adult version of Charades
    • Hear – buy an iTunes card with a customized playlist to get you in the mood for a romantic evening in
    • Smell – get your special someone their favorite scent or candles/incense that have hints of spice to touch on that aphrodisiac element
    • Taste – get creative and buy his favorite snacks to wind down the evening or pair with during the card games you’re playing
    • Touch – as a Valentine’s day must, include a new sexy set of lingerie and pair with satin boxers or a body oil for personal messages

Make it a theme! It doesn’t have to be anything sensual. If your significant other is into gaming, cars, beer, or Harry Potter; apply each box to that particular hobby or passion. The sky’s the limit.



Valentine's Day Gift IdeasPhoto credit: Solopreneur Sidekick

Open When Letters is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas that take time and a lot of thought. This sweet gesture gives you an opportunity to get in touch with your romantic side and really address how you feel about the other person. Sometimes it’s easier to say how you feel on paper than it is in person. Romance your partner with words (GENUINE WORDS) and take a chance at your inner Shakespeare. 

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Here’s how you go about Open When Letters:

  1. Depending on their taste, get a box to store your letters. We recommend a small wooden box. It’s timeless and can always be open to customization if you decide to paint over it and create your own design.
  2. Choose 5-10 topics you would like to talk about when you are writing to your significant other (this is what you’ll name each envelope). Feel free to include other items that pertain to each letter like pictures, gift cards, favorite candy, etc. We prefer these 10 as they are common moments when you’d like to hear from your partner:
    • Open when you are mad
    • Open when you are sad
    • Open when you miss me
    • Open when you need a laugh
    • Open when you need to know how much I love you
    • Open when we fight and we haven’t made up
    • Open when we buy our first place together
    • Open when we are far apart
    • Open when you are having a bad day
    • Open when you need motivation and work is hard
  3. Before you put those wonderful letters in the box, put a little love in each envelope as well. The more love, time, and thought put into each letter (yes including the envelopes), the better. Just imagine when you look back a few years later and go through your belongings. It’ll be a neat little treat to reminisce on.

For each letter, personalize them with specific moments that trigger each category. Handwrite each letter and draw pictures or include pictures. The more heartfelt, the better!



Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Photo credit: Tried and True

Another super fun Valentine’s Day gift we came across and fell in love with is called the Tumble for You Valentine Game. We found this creative idea from a fellow mommy blogger, Vanessa Brady of Tried and True. Although her take on this game was specifically geared towards kids, it can definitely work for adults as well.

Here’s how she did it.

  1. Go to your local Walmart or go to Amazon and purchase the classic game of Jenga. If you are unfamiliar with this game, it’s a simple and fun game made with hardwood blocks in which you, once stacked into a tower, pull each wooden block out without crashing the stack to win.
  2. Lay out all the wooden blocks and take a fine tip sharpie pen and/or a thin marker and write different love-themed instructions on the blocks. Get creative, romantic, and even a bit risqué! That way, everytime a player pulls out a block, they have to follow the sweet and romantic instruction written down. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
    • “I love you because…” (in which the person that pulled out the block must list one thing they love about their partner)
    • “My favorite thing about you is…”
    • “I would give up _____ for you.”
    • Give 5 kisses
    • Cuddle me tonight
  3. Once you’ve written on every single block (Yay!), get decorative and add little hearts on the base with a red sharpie. If you’re getting your kids involved and it’s a family friendly game, have them put their own touches on it!


Well, there you have it Modern Alices! We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day DIY gift ideas. Remember, this day is not a day you save to profess your love. It’s another day out of the year to continue showing your appreciation for your significant other.

What do you think of our creative DIY last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Share your favorite Valentine’s Day memory or post a photo  and tag us at #conqueringWonderland!

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