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Submit a writing sample of your choice to us via email:

We are excited to see that you are considering becoming a contributor to The Modern Alice! First and foremost, thank you for being an avid reader of the blog and taking the next steps to be part of the #conqueringWonderland movement.

To submit your sample, please see the submission guidelines below.


The Modern Alice specializes in delivering content that is educational, inspiring, and thought provoking. We strive to give women a place to feel inspired and a voice to push them when the noise of doubt begins to creep. The content we seek is the type of content you look for when you need to rise above the crowd – whether it deals with career, fashion, relationships, or philosophy. The Modern Alice provides you with more of what you really want and need to succeed and less of what you don’t. Time is precious and every article at #TMA is an investment. If you have a passion for helping women reach their goals and giving back, then continue reading. Let’s inspire the women who are bored at their day jobs or mildly browsing at home to pursue their true passions and take that first step to #conqueringWonderland.

Before You Submit:

Before submitting, take a moment to see if your article can answer the following questions:

1) Is the topic at hand relevant to women ages 25-35?

2) Does the article represent the core principles of the Modern Alice and who she is? (See our ABOUT and WHO page)

3) Are there quotable content we can highlight?

4) Are there helpful visual aid for readers who like to skim?

5) Does the topic offer a unique perspective with supporting evidences that are credible? If so, can they be cited by experts? (We like to show to our readers that each article has been researched with care)

6) How shareable is this content? (Although we focus on items of relevance, we want to reach as many women as we can that will benefit from your article)

If you are able to answer these questions, then let’s get started and get you on your way to becoming a Modern Alice contributor.

The Type of Articles We Are Looking For:

  • 10 ways to destress from a hectic week
  • What it really takes to “hustle and grind” in today’s standards
  • 20 business ideas you can start now
  • How relationships have evolved
  • Becoming a philanthropist in your late 20’s
  • How you can break glass ceilings without breaking your moral values
  • Why women say “sorry” when it’s not necessary
  • Living unapologetically
  • Balancing a career and a relationship
  • The investment pieces you need in your closet
  • Your interview outfit portfolio
  • Transitioning from grad school to a career
  • How to tackle your student loan debt
  • Favorite books to help you find your way
  • Crafting your resume for your industry
  • The art of selling


  1. Email your article to
  2. Label your subject line as: TMA Article Submission: ___(Name of Article) ___
  3. Include a headshot and a short 2-3 sentence bio with a link to your site and 2 social media handles
  4. Submit your email in this format:
    Category: Choose one of the following

    • Career & Finance
    • Fashion & Beauty
    • Lifestyle
    • Etiquette
    • Motivation
    • Relationships

    Body Text: (see attached document – save as Title_LastName.doc)
    Signature (image of your signature if you choose to have one)

  5. Please submit photos to supplement your content if there will be any featured. (send as separate files – .jpg or .png) If you are submitting photos that are not taken by you or have rights to, include photos that offer the Creative Commons (CC) license. Please include the website of where the photo was downloaded from and the link to its license use. Examples of sites include Unsplash and Pexels.
  6. For all articles submitted, please send a word doc.
  7. Please refrain from submitting articles with links (personal website and/or marketing affiliates) unless to cite sources. Links to website will be included in the author bio. Any advertising links TMA sees, will be removed.
  8. Please ensure your photo is uploaded and registered on before submitting an article.
  9. Do not submit the same article to another blog or submit a blog post that has been previously published. All articles submitted to The Modern Alice are original and exclusive.
  10. All content should be between 500-800 words. We also accept articles up to 1,000-1,200 depending on the topic and sources cited.

The Modern Alice reserves the right to make minor edits to your articles to fit our requirements. If edits are made, we contact you about the changes. Please use spell check and check your grammar.