The little girl just could not sleep because her thoughts were way too deep. Her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down the rabbit hole

START at the beginning and when you come to the end, STOP.

The Modern Alice is a blog to help creative ambitious women feel empowered as well as inspired. This is for the women with ambition, the girls with a vision, the ladies with class, and the girl bosses with sass. The Modern Alice is for those that seek knowledge and wisdom; for the word fiends, the bookworms, the risk takers, the introverts as well as the extroverts. This is for the women that defy traditional norms, but still practice etiquette. This is for the girl that breaks glass ceilings while staying humble. This is for her.


The Modern AliceOur goal with THE MODERN ALICE is to help act as a catalyst to taking that first step in navigating your way to success. The moment you decide to go down that rabbit hole, we want to inspire and give you that push to START CONQUERING WONDERLAND. Here you will find a voice that encourages you to keep going when you doubt yourself, push you to follow dreams when no one else will, and provide the resources you need to further your intellect and wit. Because at The Modern Alice, we believe that your mind is the best asset a woman possesses as well as the ability to think for yourself.

THE MODERN ALICE is a representation of both our journey and our destination. This blog helps creative, ambitious, intellectual women reach their personal and professional goals through advice and case studies from inspirational and successful women at all stages of their lives from all over the world. Every reader will feel smarter every time they read a post from The Modern Alice. They will learn something new whether that be a new perspective, philosophy, or even just a new vocabulary word. This blog is intended to educate, revitalize, create conversations, and ultimately build a tribe of women with the same goals.






The Modern Alice - Blog

The Modern Alice came to fruition as a creative outlet to express ideologies and beliefs based on the principles delineated in several of Robert Greene’s books. In a time when superficiality has become an accepted norm and shallow expectations bred from social media now a daily routine, The Modern Alice was created as a counter measure. TMA saw a need to provide women with a resource deeply rooted in etiquette, respect, class, and intellect. The blog was derived to offer a perpetual wealth of information stirring the new generation of women to conquering their own wonderlands and continue breaking glass ceilings.

As a blog for women, we are always in search of Modern Alices we can feature!

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