10 Reasons Why We Can’t Live Without Our Moms

10 Reasons Why We Can’t Live Without Our Moms



  1. She gave birth to you.
    Point blank. You literally would not be alive without her.
  2. She’s your number one fun.
    When you start a business, when you need someone at your recital or at your game, when you’re trying to impress a girl/boy, she’s the first person there. She will promote your blog (thanks mom!), make you a sign and scream your name from the bleachers, proudly post your piano solo on Facebook, and make sure you look great for prom. And let’s not forget, she laughs at all of your jokes when no one else will.
  3. She gave you good genes.
    Let’s face it, 98% of our looks is from our moms! That long luscious hair, cute freckles, and petite size is definitely not from dad (we still love you though dad!).
  4. She finds all lost things.
    As the saying goes, nothing is lost until your mother finds it. And let’s be honest, back in high school, mom was the first person we went to when we couldn’t find the car keys, our earrings, that other missing shoe, or that one notebook we doodled all over.
  5. She passed on her culinary skills to you.
    You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; and the best way to his stomach is whipping out mom’s special dish. And once the deal is sealed, there is nothing like impressing the in-laws during the holidays with mom’s secret recipe!
  6. She’s your best friend.
    Whether it’s getting over a break up, shopping for your wedding dress, hosting your first child’s birthday party, complaining about life, or boasting about that promotion you’ve been working so hard for, mom’s the one you spend hours talking to about your news with. She’ll answer the phone at any given hour to talk with you about anything and everything.
  7. She exemplifies what a woman should be.
    There is never a better role model than the woman that raised you. And if you’re mother was like mine, she was no doubt superwoman. A stylish, beautiful, caring, and intellectual person always put together at home, at work, or at brunch. Mom always taught me that you can be feminine and independent and showed me that it was possible to be a loving mother, dotting wife, and successful career woman all at once.
  8. She let’s you borrow everything.
    Clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, skincare, makeup, you name it, mom has allowed you to borrow it. From high school to college to marriage. And sometimes we don’t even return it, but she doesn’t care because she loves us and what’s hers is ours. Thanks mom for letting me borrow the Tory Burch purse and Burberry watch for like six months now!
  9. She loves you unconditionally, flaws and all.
    It doesn’t matter that you still throw temper tantrums when you don’t get what you want or whether you still freak out over a tiny little spider, mom will always love you no matter what. She’ll boast about every perfect thing about you and find all the other quirky characteristic or habits you do as the most adorable little thing about her baby. No matter what circumstance you are in, she will always be there to defend you, support you, be proud of you, and love you.
  10. She has the perfect no, nonsense bullshit radar.
    A mother’s instinct is the best weapon and shield a child could ever ask for. Regardless of what age, when you bring home your friends or significant other back to mom, she can immediately asses whether they are good or bad, the right one or a mistake. And 99.9% of the time, she’s always right because “mother knows best.”
  11. She’s the best grandmother.
    There is no love like a grandmother’s love. As a first time parent, the first person you go to for help, advice, and a babysitter is mom. And trust me, there is nothing more relieving than getting some time off from the 4:00 A.M. cries and knowing that your child is in good, loving hands.
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To all the mothers out there, I would like to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Thank you for being the rock that holds the family together and a wonderful role model for your daughters. As mothers we are the pinnacle example of how a woman should become. We are the first exposure to etiquette and morals for our little princesses so never let anything come in the middle of that. Keep being the pillar and know that you can have it all.

As they say, a happy wife is a happy home. So everyone, make sure that mother is always happy!!!


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